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Teaching the Word in Spirit and in Truth

Bible School

Study List By Topic:

Biblical Studies

     Old Testament

 God’s Dwelling Place: The Sanctuary in Exodus

     New Testament

 The Charismatic Gift of Celibacy in the New Testament

The Charismatic Gift of Martyrdom in the New Testament

Ministry Studies

    Leadership (time management, how to influence people, conflict management)

    Church Issues

Preaching (how to prepare a sermon)

Spiritual Life Studies

     Salvation and Knowing Christ (ie. the new birth, who you are in Christ, the crucified life, surrender to God)

     Faith and the Word of God (ie how to grow in faith, the power of your words etc.)

The “Logos” and the “Rhema” Word of God: You Need Both!

     Hearing the Voice of God

  John 10:27 “My Sheep Hear My Voice”

     The Holy Spirit

   1 Corinthians 2:10 Revelation of the Mind of God

  Led By the Spirit: Paul Forbidden to Preach in Asia Acts 16:6-7

  Romans 8: “Walk after the Spirit”

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare (the secret place, prayer of agreement, armor of God etc.)

Spiritual Disciplines (fasting, prayer, meditation in the word, studying the Word, service)

Worship (entering the presence of God, ministering to the Lord, manifestation of the glory)

Body, Soul and Spirit (renewing the mind, finding joy and peace, dealing with temptation, condemnation etc)

Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit (word of wisdom, five-fold ministry, developing in the love of God)

Healing and Deliverance (how to keep your healing, the healing Jesus, lying spirits)

The Word of God is Medicine to Your Flesh

Wisdom and Fulfillment of Vision ( divine connections, God’s plan for your life)

 Divine Destiny and Purpose: 1 Timothy 1:9 and Ephesians 1:11

The Kingdom of God and Prophecy

The Plan of Redemption

Church History

Second Coming of Christ