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Conquer the Fear of People

Author Ellen McFarlane, Written Jan 23, 2014


Young businessman with his laptop angry with connection break onDo you struggle with the fear of man?

Proverbs 29:25: “The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the LORD will be exalted. 

The man in this picture has a cell-phone in his hand, connecting him to the world, but at the same time he stands in the realm of the Heavens with access to the Spirit of wisdom and revelation from God! Who will he listen to?

We live in a society where we have been conditioned to evaluate ourselves based on how other people think of us. We can go through life troubled with issues of self-esteem, forever asking questions like “how can I feel better about myself?” and “how can I become so confident in myself and be so self-assured, that I will not be controlled by what other people think?”

These questions are people-centered questions, and they produce people-centered solutions. That is man-centered thinking. The root of this is what the Bible calls “the fear of man,” and the Bible makes it clear that this man-fearing spirit will bring you into a snare or a trap. 

You cannot operate in the fear of man and please God

Do you see why as believers we must deal with the fear of man? If you don’t deal with this as a trait which is not pleasing to God, that man-fearing spirit, will dominate you; it will become a bondage of never ending people-pleasing, and it will interfere with your ability to hear from and obey the Lord’s voice. You cannot reach your God-given potential, which is true success, if you are always making decisions based on what other people think or desire. 

How to Overcome the Man-Fearing Spirit

Instead, re-format your questions to ones like this: “why am I so concerned about my self-esteem and what other people think of me?”; “what does the Lord say in His Word about me?”; “what does Jesus tell me about myself in my time alone with Him?”; “How can I think more about Christ and on the Gospel, and less on pleasing other people?”; and, “why don’t I stop consulting everyone else, and go to the Lord and get the plan and the wisdom from Him?”

When you come to the point that you fix your eyes so much on Christ and what He is saying, then you discover that you no longer have to look elsewhere for anything you thought you needed, and you find your approval, acceptance, love and security all wrapped up in Him.