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The Holy Spirit

Welcome to the School of the Holy Spirit!

iStock_000029861112MediumOn the Eve of His crucifixion, Jesus was concerned with preparing His closest disciples for His departure. They had walked and talked and lived with Him for three years during His earthly ministry, and He knew they would be devastated when He was gone.

It was at that time that the Lord instructed them regarding the coming of the Holy Spirit, whom He would send following His death, resurrection and ascension to Heaven. He wanted to make sure they were ready to recognize and receive the Third Person of the Godhead, who would be their Counselor, Comforter and Teacher.

Here you will find information and tools which will assist you in developing your own relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is the One who will make Jesus real to you, He is the One who will lead you into all truth, and teach you how to worship and commune with the Father in Spirit and in truth.