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Worship Your Way into the Holy of Holies

Author Ellen McFarlane, Written May 27, 2014


Jesus seated in templeDo You Desire More of the Manifested Presence of God? Worship is the Key You are Looking For!    

Are you in a place where you hunger and thirst after God, and want to experience Him in a deeper and more profound way? If you desire more intimate fellowship with God, and are looking for a deeper experience with the Lord, then worship is the key!

Jesus said the Father is seeking the true worshipers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23).

In order to worship the Lord in spirit and truth, you must make a decision, that you will devote some quality time alone with God. This is a time when you will cast down the natural mind of the flesh and the demands of daily life.

To go beyond the outer court (realm of the flesh) into the inner court (holy of holies): First, deal with any sin you may have committed, by asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you, repenting of it, and receiving the forgiveness that the shed blood of Jesus provides for you freely. Secondly, deal with any cares, anxieties or prayer needs, by making your petitions and requests known to God, and leaving them with Him. Having done that, you are now ready to focus on the Lord and worship Him until you encounter the Presence of God, behind the veil. Purpose in your heart to give the Lord your total attention, and simply begin to worship Jesus Christ and thank Him for who He is. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, as He is the Christ-exalting Spirit, who will help you to focus your attention on Jesus, and direct your praise.